Garden Refuse Removal

All organic material, e.g. Leaves, cut grass, branches, compost heaps and horse manure. Note: The refuse does not need to be in bags and can be loose.

Junk Removal

Tins, planks, broken washing machines, etc

Rubble Removal

Bricks, rocks, sand and soil

Compost/Mulch Delivery

We deliver high quality weed free compost. Sold loose per cubic meter . Produced at our green compost sites from the organic waste we remove.

Lawn Dressing Delivery

Sold loose per cubic meter and is weed free, 100% pure compost finely sieved suitable for all grass types. We also offer a silicone based lawn dressing on request, often used on golf courses. Produced at a green compost site from the organic waste we remove.

Wood Chipping

We have a mobile wood chipper for hire. The chip can be left in your garden to be used as a mulch/water retaining layer in the flower beds or can be removed at the “garden removal rate”.  We are an agent for the sales of Lindana Woodchippers.